Once a regional Styrian secret, Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil has recently conquered the tables of world-class restaurants and connoisseurs around the globe.

Pumpkin seed oil or „the green gold“, as the Austrians call it, is considered one of the healthiest and finest vegetable oils in the world. It is to most Austrians what olive oil is to their Italian neighbours. Styrian Gold has a long history in Styria, the southernmost Austrian federal state where it has been popular since the  late 18th century for it’s exquisite nutty taste and the numerous health benefits that its consumption may bring along. Back in 1773, Austrian Empress Maria Theresa declared.:

"This healthy oil is unique and much too precious
… it shall not be used as a culinary delicacy
anymore but shall be collected and
distributed only by the apothecaries."

What was once an alpine secret is now available to sophisticated salad lovers and people pursuing a healthy lifestyle in the United States. We are the first US-based supplier of original Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil, bringing this natural delicacy into local restaurants and gourmet stores.

For serving suggestions and delicious dishes with
Styrian Gold pumpkin seed oil check out the
recipe-section on this website.


Styrian Gold



Spago Beverly Hills
(Beverly Hills)

The Cheese Store
of Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills)

Plate (Malibu)

The Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills)

Euro Market Bakery & Deli (Huntington Beach)

One Life Natural Foods
(Santa Monica)

Lou on Vine (Hollywood)

Maximilans Austro
Hungarian Restaurant

(North Hollywood)

Planet Raw Organic Restaurant (Santa Monica)

3 Square Caffe & Bakery
by Wolfgang Röckenwagner (Venice)


Cru Organic Restaurant

Sunset Marquis Hotel
(West Hollywood)

Cheese Store of Silverlake (Silverlake)

The Organic Cupboard (Kelowna, Canada)

Styrian Gold